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Text DRIVEBUY space REGNO to 83600

We check the REGNO against the DVLA, POLICE and British Insurers databases.

DONE! You will receive a message containing relevant information about the vehicle you submitted.


This is not a subscription service. Incorrect or unknown entries will not be charged.

The AA believes 1 in 3 cars has a hidden past!
Why take the Risk?
Simply Text DRIVEBUY space REGNO to 83600
Data Supplied by:
The Association of British Insurers
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Citizens advice buying a used car - know your rights


The Check carries out of thousands of text checks each month bringing you the most upto date info as supplied by the DVLA, Police and association of British Insurers (ABI)

This makes it a quick and efficient way to access data, especially if you out viewing vehicles. Each check comes with a £5000 guarantee for peace of mind, to activate goto

History Text Check your Car, Van or Bike!

FREE CDL Guide Valuation

Free vehicle valuation sent as a text wherever info is available


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