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Text DRIVEBUY space REGNO to 83600

We check the REGNO against the DVLA, POLICE and British Insurers databases.

DONE! You will receive a message containing relevant information about the vehicle you submitted.


This is not a subscription service. Incorrect or unknown entries will not be charged.

The AA believes 1 in 3 cars has a hidden past!
Why take the Risk?
Simply Text DRIVEBUY space REGNO to 83600
Data Supplied by:
The Association of British Insurers
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“I used this checker whilst viewing an Audi A6, it turned out that this car was previously stolen and recovered and the owner knew nothing about it! The best £3 I’ve spent!”

- Mr J Morrisroe - Teesside UK

Car Check - Supplied by DVLA, Police & Association of British Insurers

• The AA believe that 1 in 3 vehicles have a hidden past.

• 7.5 million used vehicles are sold in the UK every year.

• 500,000 cars are written-off annually.

• On average 585 cars are reported stolen every day!

• is the UK’s original car text check service!

1 in 3 cars has some form of hidden history and 1 in 7 are recorded as written off. Get the facts before you buy and don't get caught out. works for all GB (mainland) registered vehicles and provides information of written-off, scrapped or accident damaged cars along with the number of registered owners, VIN details to identify the vehicle and any changes of colour.

Free car valuation text wherever information is available. £5000 guarantee!

For just £3 we provide you with instant vehicle history access, searching the records of Police, DVLA and ABI (Association of British Insurers) is the UK’s original car

Text check service.  We offer value for

money and peace of mind when out and about viewing vehicles. You will receive your car history text check in seconds. Allowing you to focus on decision making when buying a vehicle.

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Within a few seconds you will receive one or more text messages detailing vehicle data associated with the registration number.

What information will you receive?

We will use the vehicle registration number to search data sourced from the DVLA, Police and Insurance industry. The first text message will contain the make of the vehicle, the model, part of the vehicle identification number (VIN/Chassis Number), size of the engine, the date the vehicle was first registered, the number of owners and indications if the vehicle has been scrapped or stolen. An example message is shown below:


We collate the data relating to DVLA, Police and Insurance records.

Volkswagen Golf R32

VIN***6381 3.2 Sep 07

2 owners

No colour changes

Not stolen

Not scrapped

Help 0844 482 1954

C is damage

category D. Loss date 05-02-2011.

Repair costs do not

exceed pre-accident value

Help 0330 331 0030

If stolen you will receive a text displayed as below.



HELP 0844 482 1954

This information is invaluable if your out and about viewing vehicles.

FREE CDL Guide Valuation

Free vehicle valuation sent as a text wherever info is available

We will send you a free CDL valuation text as below.

Valuation for HA70XSC with 100000 miles:

New £18,920

Forecourt £3,595

Trade in £2,245

Private £2,695

Auction £1,995

Help 0330 331 0030

Check your Car, Van or Bike!

FREE CDL Guide Valuation

Free vehicle valuation sent as a text wherever info is available